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Offering wide range of products of exceptional quality with equally exceptional values to our clients.

Candle scents

Her Secret Candle Scents

Every Candle has a different meaning. With the different variety of scents, you will feel LOVE and ADORE by these Candle scents. It will enlightened your mind and your days as you WANT to go HOME directly after your BUSY days. Every Candle has its own story and own meaning and value. A sentimental meaning to every candle and its like Her Secret 40 years journey of Her Secret LIFE. With ups and down adventures in LIFE, Her Secret was established with so much Appreciation and Blessing .

Our Her Secret Candles will give you so much JOY that every candle you will smell will also give  a different meaning to your Daily Life.

Home spray

Her Secret Home Spray

Discover the joys of natural, restful sleep with the This Works Space to Dream Gift Set, a tension-relieving trio of slumber-enhancing products. Lightly fragranced with vetiver, chamomile and lavender, Her Secret spray can help to reduce the anxieties of the day and soothe the mind to sleep when used as part of a regular bedtime routine.

Her Secrets 320 Ml.jpg
Car fresher

Her Secret Car Fresher

Her Secret car freshener is designed to last for around two years, which is much longer than with most scented air fresheners. Even the best car air fresheners don't usually last much more than six months before needing a replacement or a refill.

Hair growth

Her Secret Hair Growth

Made from Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential Oil. Support Healthy Scalp. Encourage hair Growth .

With Rosemary oil it will helps in keeping hair fluffy for long, containing two proven ingredients- Our Her Secret  Rosemary and  Castor.

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Her Secret Inspired Perfumes

“Our goal is to ensure that every perfume Her Secret curates expresses the wearer's ultimate self. Each spray of Her Secret will represent our commitment to ensuring only the most exquisite and rare materials from across the globe are bottled with artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological innovation so that every product under Her Secret brand is of the utmost quality and distinction.“

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